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  • Museumpark 25,
  • Rotterdam
  • Nederland
  • 3015 CB
  • Netherlands

Hello New Citizen. New Citizen Design is a positive and human centered design company taking the perspective of the new citizen. Typical for the Dutch approach: iconic designs with an embedded stir to behavior and well-being. Aesthetic, changing perspectives and opening conversations about future urban living, working and hospitality.


New Citizen Design is a design producing company and design thinker, taking the point of view of the new citizen as its guiding principle for spatial and interior design.
New Citizen Design develops
- products,
- interiors
- and a New Citizen Building as well as New Citizen Building concepts.
It is typical for the Dutch Approach: functional and social iconism in design with an embedded stir to behavior and well-being.
Its bespoke designs also serve as conversation pieces about future urban living, working and hospitality.

New Citizens are inter-viduals. The living earth is their home. They are positive humans who share.
New citizens move comfortably between roles. That is why we witness the rise of workspaces where like-minded professionals thrive in spaces that look like a combination of an office, a hotel and brasserie, a home and a leisure club.
New citizens are media-wise: open to technological innovation and comfort, and time alert to not let technology take over from humans.

A home, to new citizens, is where they feel at home: the place that protects them and connects them to others. Be it a house, apartment, a temporary room or studio. So home spaces can become anything: apartment complexes, short and medium stay living quarters (serviced and with sharing facilities) as well as hospitality concepts.

New Citizen Design is like the new citizen; they 'look closely at the present they are constructing, because they want it to look like the future they're dreaming'.