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Ferleon Delicious Design, made in Belgium. High end gas BBQ and cookware combine mix and match colours, finishing and top plates and are eco-friendly, sustainable and can customise with your own brand. Manufactured from recycled cast iron, 100 percent cadmium free 2-layer enamel. Just come and see what Ferleon can do for your business.

Ferleon Delicious Design Outdoor Cooking en Cookware

Outdoor Cooking: Ferleon designs easy to use Patio Cookers, compact gas BBQ's that match your garden or terrace, balcony perfectly.

Express your personal style with our trendy colour palettes. Select the cooking surface that best suits you, plancha, grill, pizza oven or hob.

Cookware: Customize your favorite cookware to suit your own personal style and enjoy our craftsmanship of the finest quality!

Customize with your own brand!

Our label offers Belgian quality and resonates with people from all over the world. Our products are eco-friendly and durable.

Cast iron is a perfect heat conductor and a 100% recyclable product with a cradle-to-cradle design.

Ferleon products stand for:

Delicious design

Made in Belgium

Manufactured from recycled cast iron

Sustainable & eco-friendly

100% cadmium free 2-layer enamel