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  • 18 Rue Servient
  • Lyon
  • 69003
  • France

Thed Konings is the fifth generation in a Dutch family of entrepreneurial artisans and skilled tradesmen.
Konings has been creating highly personalised luxurious interiors and collectible design pieces for prestigious clientele and collectors for almost two decades. 
His work searches for contrast and cohesion, a dialogue between past and present.


Dots (2019)
“I wanted to design a chair as unique and as particular as Dubai, as difficult to copy and as unmistakably recognisable. For me, that chair had to be a statement, ‘un point, c’est tout,’ full stop.”

Konings returns the chair to its purest form. Elements are reduced to the most primary contour: a circle. Dots comprises a polished metal base with a high-gloss finish, mirroring the environment. Konings seeks to dot evermore i’s with his design, manifested by the many matt spheres that attract attention to its presence. Playing on the power of the eye and composition something unique but incredibly simple is revealed, ‘un point, c’est tout.’

Konings draws parallels with the Dutch Golden Age, the period in which neither cost nor effort was spared in order to create something of persisting beauty. Creativity was acknowledged, craftsmanship was paramount and an object could hold serious value. Dots employs wear-resistant materials as well as timeless forms, executed to endure. The mounted spheres, for example, are made of a high-tech gel material also used by NASA and frequently utilized throughout the medical world.

A short documentary providing insight into the profoundly technical production process of the Dots chair will be presented during Ventura Dubai 2019.