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  • Lange Heide 42, 5993 PB Maasbree
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Design studio Ruben van Megen is based in the Netherlands and stands for high end design. Ruben is always looking for stories that are worth telling. He also uses and develops new materials and is always questioning the status quo. Ruben van Megen has won several important European prizes.

Ruben van Megen connects two cultures with his furniture; those of the Middle East and the Dutch.

Ruben shows a coffee table and dining table from the internationally successful Café 6116 collection. The collection is inspired by and made of Persian rugs that found their way to wealthy Dutch families through the international trade missions in the Dutch Golden Age (+/- 17th century). They decided to use the Persian rugs as tablecloths because they were thought too beautiful and valuable to be stained by muddy shoes. The popularity of the Persian table runners continued to grow until around 1950, but they have almost disappeared from Dutch interiors. Ruben van Megen honors the Dutch use and the craft of the Persian weavers by offering used carpets a new stage.

The carpets hold years of memories and secrets that Ruben van Megen petrifies. The items in the Café 6116 collection contain genuine Persian rugs. Every piece is unique.

Also a chair is on display: The Cord Connection. This is made from the rope that is used to bind hay and straw together. This rope, made from polypropylene, is a waste product from, among other things, the horse industry that after use is considered as residual waste. On closer inspection, this apparently small waste stream turns out to be large: horse farming in the Netherlands uses enough rope to travel around the world 7 times a year. The ropes, which enclose the chair like a tangle, symbolize roots from which the chair originated.