Jólan van der Wiel & WOWT

Design & Fit-Out

  • Interior design technology


  • Art


  • Marsweg 115B
  • Zutphen
  • Gelderland
  • 7202 AT
  • Netherlands

Jólan van der Wiel is fascinated by extreme natural phenomena and their impact on the environment. He creates unusual shapes and materials that challenge our understanding of ‘invisible’ forces. The water vase free technology was created in collaboration with WoWt who are all about motion and technology in design.

Jólan van der Wiel has a long-term interest in natural forces and the way they shape our environment. He believes that by involving these forces into the development of new techniques, materials, tools and objects, nature can be integrated into our everyday lives.

The Water Vase Free technology was developed in collaboration with WoWt. WoWt is all about motion and technology. Designs are driven by geometry, algorithms or material tension, both in autonomous and commissioned works.

It was this fascination that led to create Water Vase Free, whose final shape is only determined by the interplay of water and gravity. Real Water flows over a ring and creates the illusion of a glass vase.