Deluxe Arte


  • Handmade furniture

Furniture & Furnishings

  • Classical furniture

  • Dining furniture

  • Living room furniture


  • Via Padova n. 40
  • Lentate sul Seveso (MB)
  • 20823
  • Italy

Deluxe Arte is the manufacturer of luxury and classic furniture in Italy. Our furniture comes with unique designs, highest quality and are fully handmade with 100 percent wood which is carefully selected by expert woodworkers. The harmony between wood, our exclusive fabrics and exquisite mastery results in timeless artworks.

Classic & Luxury Style Furniture Manufacturer (Italy)
Deluxe Arte Company with a quarter century of experience in design and production of customized luxury furniture caters to customers all over the world.

What set Deluxe Arte Company apart are the magnificent designs and high quality materials. Deluxe Arte products all carry the registered trademarked logo that is clearly noticeable.

It is of note that the entire production process of Deluxe Arte furniture from designing phase all the way to packaging the final products take place in Italy. The entire production process as well as delivery and after-sale services are carried out by the company’s experienced team.