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The Venus Collection is an assortment of luxury washbasins and ornaments made out of prehistoric giant fossil clamshells that became extinct 180,000 years ago. Polished to perfection using the same craft applied to polishing gemstones, every piece is unique and music for your eyes. The world’s largest clamshell – a must see!

The world’s rarest luxury washbasins, every piece unique and stunning. Made out of giant clamshells that became extinct 180.000 years ago. The world’s largest clamshells ever to exist as well as their pearls. Holistic lamps made out of these ancient relics, a “must see” you don’t want to miss! Our luxury washbasins are revered by legendary interior yacht designer Rémi Tessier, adorning some of Roman Abramovitch Yachts. Our collection of holistic basins and lamps are used in some of the world’s top spa’s.