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AK Devision is an artistic enterprise with the commercial character of Aneta Kosin’s concept. She is one of the few women in Poland whose passion is the poster. She uses it's simplicity to provide a commercial client with a coherent visual identity. AK Devision's main project is EcoMebel (Eco Furniture).

Eco furniture by AK Devision
Designed and made to fulfill the needs of public space development (banks, pharmacies, beauty salons, hair salons, clinics, sports clubs) and more. The main goal is the usefulness and creative pastime for children.

The furniture is supposed to combine several functions.

It is fully ecological, made of cardboard, printed with ecological polymer, designed for direct drawing and coloring by children.

The furniture is multipurpose; it can also be a rack with drawers, in which crayons and felt pens are stored, or it can be a highly durable table and chairs at the same time.

In addition, it can also be an advertising material with the company’s trademark on it. Its simple geometric form is a very original advertising medium. By placing the product in this way, a new generation of consumers is created.

However, the most important function is the education of a young person, which aims to stimulate creativity, freedom in creative action and taking responsibility for co-creating this furniture, which is completely colored by children. Then it becomes a finished piece of furniture and its function shifts more from useful to decorative. It is colorful and more attractive visually.