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Concrete design supported by handcrafted materials. Concraft produces indoor and outdoor furniture and decorations in real concrete. We specialise in bespoke projects. We supply architects, developers and investors with concrete conference tables, reception desks, bars, worktops, wash basins, furniture, wall and floor claddings. Every single unit is handmade and unique.


Recently, concrete has gained a new function. It has stopped being only a plain building material which should be immediately covered or painted. Finally appreciated, it has become a noble material, and its raw beauty makes it possible to create unique things. Concrete is not just a factory, we perfectly understand the nature of concrete and, therefore, we emphasise detail and handmade accomplishment of every seperate piece.


Architectural concrete is not only material for wall coverings. We do know about it and that is why our team consists of designers, engineers, constructors, carpenters, modellers, iron-workers, concrete technologists and many others. Broad supply base and professional team let us accomplish more demanding projects such as making white concrete monolith bars, reception desks, kitchen islands and many more! We have been working with concrete for over 20 years.


Appropriately selected assembly and protection methods make it possible to enjoy concrete even inside a shower cabin, but architectural concrete may also bring into your bathroom much more than just wall coverings. We also successfully realise projects of bathroom countertops, washbasins (also those integrated with concrete) and wall tiles.


Our need to be creative is sometimes so strong that we must let it turn into something material. That is why, we constantly introduce to our offer new and beautiful objects which not only let us use technics and materials with which we work every day , but also, throughout process of designing, express our sensitivity.