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AMG Italian Luxury provides a new selection of fabrics with a particular care to the handmade manufacturing in the curtains field, sewed by its high-end fashion tailor team. The production is exclusively made in Italy. All the products can be customised to the clients requirements. AMG ITALIAN LUXURY, since 1983.

A.M.G. ITALIAN LUXURY CURTAINS is launching a new collection dedicated to the elegant taste of its Middle East clients.
A collection dedicated to new dantel designs and new curtains designs, made exclusively in Italy, designed in Roma.
The collection is delicate and elegant, with its uniques fabrics and trimmings, signed "A.M.G.".

A.M.G. products are UNIQUE, and A.M.G. is its own supplier.
A.M.G. will dedicate its personal assistents (made of ENGENEERS, ARCHITECTS, UPHOLSTERERS AND INTERIOR DESIGNERS that work in the company since more than 10 years) to its clients, travelling all over the world, to give them the very high costumer service they deserve.
A.M.G. is dedicating its own collection to the passionate of the interior design, those who want to celebrate their houses with special curtains, made to decorate and give the special touch to their interiors.