A Casa K


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  • Accessories & décor


  • Crystal ware


  • via Paisiello 17/D
  • Calenzano
  • Firenze
  • I-50041
  • Italy

Italian company specialised in the production and decoration on crystal and porcelain and in the processing of golden and silvered brass. Bathroom accessories (pump soap, trash, etc.), table art (tea cups, Arabic coffee cups, tea pots and glasses), home accessories, vases, centerpieces, tissue boxes, etc.

Different accessory in brass silver or gold plated ( Dallah, Tray, Mebkhara, Tissue box, Bath accessory, Boxes..) crystalware and glassware ( Tea cups, Arabic coffee cup, Sugar pot, Glasses, Plates, vases, centerpiece...) Porcelain for table ( Dinner plate, salad plate, soup plate, oval plates..)