Fertini Casa


  • Handmade furniture

Design & Fit-Out

  • Interior decorators

Furniture & Furnishings

  • Contemporary collections

  • Living room furniture


  • Decorative lighting


  • Rua De Goncalves Zarco, 1624
  • Matosinhos
  • 4455-822
  • Portugal

Fertini Casa presents Italian designed luxury collections. Holistic proposals comprising furniture, upholstery, lighting, carpets, bedding, wallpapers – the perfect combination for each area of the house. Our project division will be pleased to develop your projects. At lndex Dubai, Fertini Casa exhibits our Signature Collection – the essence of contemporary luxury.

FERTINI CASA presents Italian design for luxury projects.
Fashion TV selected our brand as the best representation of the top excellency of furniture for the best projects in the world.