• Tamega Park, Edificio Mercurio,
  • Fr.AC, Agração - Telões
  • Amarante
  • Porto district
  • 4600-758
  • Portugal

OLIÒFORA produces exclusive ecological amenities and professional skincare products. Our company is based in Portugal. OLIÓFORA oil extraction unit allows you to take the best properties from nuts, seeds and plants and turn them into therapeutic massage oils, shampoos and creams. OLIÓFORA can develop unique scent amenities for particular client. Talk to us.

Welcome to OLIÒFORA world of high quality natural cosmetic products! We start from extracting our principle ingredients - cold pressed oils from nuts and seeds and then, carefully formulate personal hygiene products and therapeutic massage oils. Best quality raw materials are transformed into liquid gold full of essential nutrients, carefully preserved thanks to cold press technology.

Our professional Amenities are made fresh - they are a special natural treatment for your guests. They are free from SLES and SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate e Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and parabens. We only use essential oils and natural parfums. Thanks to silk proteins our oil-gel leaves the skin perfectly hydrated, it becomes soft and comforted. Except potassium hydroxide, used for saponification process of our oils, all the ingredients are of plant origin. Suitable for sensitive skin.

All our SPA products containe cold pressed oils extracted by us. Our therapeutic massage oils are carefully formulated to have the best effect on your guests.

We will be happy to develop exclusive aromas and bathroom extras for your guests: bath oils, massage candles, exfoliating soaps, etc.