Giovanni Arena & Carla Asquini


  • Handmade accessories

Design & Fit-Out

  • Interior design supplies


  • Architectural lighting


  • Accessories

  • Art

Retail Space

  • Concept retailing


  • Via Lungoroggia
  • Buttrio
  • Udine
  • 33042
  • Italy

We are two artists, Giovanni Arena (design and sculptor) and Carla Asquini (painter). We create unique quality creations, for customers who love luxury and product quality, that furnish homes with a touch of exclusivity. All made in - instagram: arena_design_creations - instagram: carlaasquini

We are two artists:
Giovanni Arena: Design, sculptor creates luxury works exclusively in corian (Du Pont), with application of gold, Swarovski, with precious light effects.
They are all creations made and unique pieces, which recall naturalistic themes. coem flowers, palms, catcus, really precious marine corals.
Everything is done in my atelier near Venice in North Italy.
instagram: arena_design_creations
Carla Asquini: Well-known painter in Italy already appreciated in Dubai by several customers. he creates large oil and acrylic paintings with naturalistic themes, he also creates large decorations on interior and exterior walls, and his hand-painted foulards are also appreciated.
Instagram: asquinic